Well it’s a grey old start to the day. Overcast and threatening to rain but I don’t mind that – I quite like stormy old days, in fact I reckon we could do with a good humdinger of a thunderstorm: they’re much more interesting and entertaining than television. Plus, they scare Image


my neighbour which always puts a smile on my face. She’s not a bad person, per se, but she’s nosy, irritating and not very bright (the not very bright isn’t a qualification for disliking her but she does come out with some outstandingly moronic statements at times which cause irritation. She has that undefeatable logic that all truly unthinking people have). There is something magical about a good thunderstorm – Thor battling the Jötnar again!

I shall have to give Dave a ring in a while to see if the parts for my car have arrived. It failed it’s MOT on Monday – not a cause for surprise – and needed stuff doing to it. In between laughing he explained what was wrong, and he may as well have been speaking ancient Egyptian for all it meant to me. He’s a nice bloke and drinks in my local but whenever my car needs fixing and I take it to him I’ve worked out that every laugh adds at least £50 to my bill. He laughed a hell of a lot on Monday. 

If my car is fixed by this afternoon I may do some writing – I’m vainly attempting to write a science fiction piece of nonsense, which probably isn’t terribly good but it keeps me out of trouble. Or I may work on a piece of music I’m not overly happy with: it’s alright but just not quite working for me at the moment. Not sure why. Of course I could abandon it altogether and start a new piece. I’ll see what mood I’m in after the car is, hopefully, fixed. Of course if it costs large then I may jettison writing of words or music and just pop down my local for a few pints to drown my woes, which I shall be doing this evening of course, but I may feel the overwhelming need to start earlier. We’ll see.



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