Tinkering around on a Saturday

we have a sort of routine on a Saturday. Fiona goes out with Angela to pottery in the mornings and afterwards she often pops into see her parents on the way home. This means I have a lot of Saturday to myself, which is useful since it means that I can tinker around with my own stuff. Today is no exception. I’ve spent most of the day up to now (4:48 pm) on a piece of music which I’ve been buggering around with for a while. I’ve finally finished it and although it’s no great shakes I’m rather pleased with it. As I type it’s just being converted to a mp3 file so I can upload it to ReverbNation and Soundcloud, which is a fairly lengthy process, but worth the wait – probably.

I recently discovered this piece of software which can lift the soundtracks from film and I’ve been having fun with that as well and have started incorporating these bits of speech into music, which is good fun. I try to be careful, though, and only use public domain stuff – the same goes for the sounds and effects I use, as I don’t particularly fancy running into copyright problems. But since I don’t currently sell my music I don’t suppose too many problems would surface. 

Fiona has just emailed me to say the horse she was betting on in the Grand National fell, so as some sort of commiseration she’d like to eat up at the pub, which is fine by me since the pub has a new chef who’s pretty good and the food is wonderful. Followed by a few beers and talking nonsense, needless to say, until Robin, the landlord, get bored of us and kicks us out.



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