Okay, so I didn’t realise that doesn’t support plugins but does. I’ll have a look at later but I suspect it will be hideously complicated and unnecessary confusing – for me at anyrate.


Not easy at all

Right, so I want to add the ReverbNation HMTL5 Player Widget to my blog page.  Should be simple I thought.  So I downloaded the version, looked at the instructions for installation and stalled at number 1.  “Use the WordPress Installer, Updater” it says – what?  I mean what the bloody hell is that?  Can I find this WordPress Installer, Updater anywhere?  N0, I cannot.  Does it exist?  Or is it called something else?  Why, oh why can’t these things be simple?  Now I know I’m not a natural when it comes to all things computer but why do they have to be so difficult to do anything.

I have the embed code so why can’t there simply be a nice little area that it can be copied to?  Why does it have to be so bloody complex.  I don’t think I have the aptitude or patience for computers, to be honest.  They seem to endlessly frustrate me.  Irritating.


My first proper blog! How exciting. At the moment I’m still trying to work out how this all works so it may take a while before things look right and proper. However, it will come.


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